UK Expat Pension Reviews plays the leading role in delivering exceptional service in reviewing client’s pensions. We offer individual advice which is tailored to each individual as we understand that every circumstance is different. Our relationship based advice service wit our pension review process means that we are committed to helping you to manage your pension in a way that’s best for you and your retirement plans.

If you have a UK pension plan and are leaving the UK for a short period of time you may be likely to stop or halt your pension while you are away from the UK. UK Expat Pension Reviews has been formed to help UK expats with their retirement and pension needs and help them find their way through the maze of pension rules and what you can and cannot do. Its of paramount importance that the decision you make is the correct decision from the start as this can have a profound effect on the likely value of your pension on retirement should the incorrect decision be made. These Pension Transfer Benefits can make all the difference butween retiring happy with a great pension pot or retiring with an under valued pension pot meaning a lower standard of living.

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